A young boy is auditioning for the orchestra of a concentration camp. He leaves his father behind and walks the long and cold distance to the audition place which really is an execution site. He begins to play and his thoughts escape in a fantasy world. At the last note he returns to the harsh reality and stands waiting for the decision of the the firing squad. His father listens from a distance.

Visual artist and multi talent Udo Prinsen directed and animated Audition, a powerful short about WWII, identity and music. Eric Vloeimans & Martin Fondse are both highly recognized musicians. They have collaborated on many projects and were very pleased to compose and perform the music for Audition.

Together with Lessen in het donker we developed a special educational package based on the short film Audition, which incorporates themes of the Second World War and human rights in general.

The course material is available in English and Dutch and is suitable for children from 12-16 years. Please contact Nadja Houben at Houben@humanrightsinthepicture.org if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

You can screen the film from the player above.

To make this type of movie with the accompanying course materials is time-consuming. Both have been developed though a significant personal investment of the developers.

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