The Long Haul presents a 4 weeks around the world virtual screening tour 


To keep the spirit of our project alive in these times of the pandemic with no possibilities for physical film screening, Human Rights in the Picture is hosting online screenings with Q&A’s from mid-November to mid-December. These will take place in Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, and English in order to reach individuals around the world with this inspiring story. The Q&A’s will include leading figures from the documentary: experts in the field of human rights. This is the perfect opportunity to watch the Long Haul and get answers to your personal questions as well as sharing your insights about the future of human rights with us!
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College Tour

Bahia Tahzib-Lie – the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador - and Nadja Houben – Director of Human Rights in the Picture – are visiting universities around the Netherlands to stimulate dialogue with students through a human rights film screening. Their workshop offers a great opportunity for students to critically reflect and interact on contemporary human rights issues shown in the film.
Due to COVID, the college tour was slightly delayed but we are starting soon with online film screenings in Utrecht, Maastricht, and a real-life screening in Leiden.

Utrecht: 17 November 18:00
Maastricht: 19 November 16:00
Leiden: 21 Oktober 17:45 

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Thorn from M/F/X made it to the big screen

thorne.jpgThe non-binary Thorn Roos de Vries one of the protagonists from our documentary m/f/x is currently portraying the role of the first non-binary character in Dutch television. In the high school drama SpangaS Thorne portraits the role of the teenager Lesley. Human Rights in the Picture is very proud of this amazing achievement! 
Click this link if you wanna know more about Thorne’s acting experience:





Hers is Ours

Hers is Ours is a Collective that works on the issue of Violence Against Women (VAW), and gender discrimination at large. The organization focuses on creating awareness of healing and empowerment through art. 

The Collective is based in Agra, India, and they reached out to us in order to expand their work internationally. As VAW is unfortunately a global social & systematic issue Human Rights in the Picture is supporting their important work by sharing our knowledge and the large network of creatives and human rights activists in order for Her is Ours to reach their goals.

One of their first projects we supported in realizing was the documentary Our Odyssey is Red. This documentary is based on the lives of the Krantikaris (revolutionaries in Hindi), a group of daughters of sex workers from Kranti, a Mumbai based NGO.

The trailer of Our Odyssey is Red:

If you want more info or support them yourself go to the website for more:


Podcast - Asymmetrical Haircuts with Victor Fokke and Nadja Houben

Screenshot_2020-10-06_at_10_11_59.pngNadja Houben (Human Rights in the Picture) and Victor Fokke (filmmaker) were interviewed on Asymmetrical Haircuts, a podcast that reinforces a different view on social justice. In the podcast, the foundation documentary The Long Haul is thoroughly discussed. 
You can listen to the podcast on or search - Episode 29, The Activist Lawyer with Nadja Houben and Victor Fokke - on your favourite podcast app.