m/f/x is the natural sequel to our documentary Out & About. We learned quickly when we were making a film about parents of LGBT children that we could not tell the stories of trans people in the same film. The problems trans people encounter in their daily lives are different and similar to those of LGBT people but what is most striking is the lack of knowledge people have about what it is to be trans and how different the trans group is. An idea for a new film was born, the need was obvious. Development organisation Hivos decided to fund the film and became our partner in making a film that can be used as a tool for outreach. In each country, transgenders have their own struggles. The documentary m/f/x is a triptych in which we meet a transwoman in Honduras, a transman in Vietnam and a transgender non-binary person in the Netherlands. Through their touching personal stories, filmed from up close, the film turns into a positive movement towards openness, inclusiveness, dignity and recognition.

Trailer m/f/x