Out & About

Parents of members of the LGBT community unwillingly find themselves in the closet once their son or daughter tells them they are gay. At some point, they too have to come out to the world around them. Yet in many countries, being open about their children is out of the question due to enormous social stigmas or anti-gay laws. Mothers, in particular, find themselves stuck between society’s need to conformity and boundless love for their sons and daughters.

In Out & About, Koen Suidgeest portrays three families that talk about the challenges they face due to having a son or daughter who is gay. We follow the families in their daily lives, while they talk to us about their stirring trials and triumphs. Josephine from Kenya takes on her own family in making sure her daughter Gigi can come out to them. And Elena from Russia is facing her biggest life crisis yet: her son Alex feels threatened by the country’s anti-gay sentiment and wants to leave. Out & About is an enlightening, touching and honest portrait of how misinformation, social stigma and anti-gay laws will extend gender issues to a wide circle of people around each member of the LGBT community.

Out & About is a documentary that dives into the world of family members of LGBT’s. Of the entire social circle, it’s the parents in particular that experience the greatest dilemma – often feeling stuck between two camps. They might even consider themselves to be in the closet along with their child. Any parent wants their children to grow up in an environment where they feel protected and loved in order for them to develop into unique human beings. Yet too many cannot openly talk about their kids for fear of being discriminated against themselves, losing friends, or even jeopardizing their own child’s safety.

Human Rights in the Picture uses this film as a tool to campaign for equality and respect. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, national and international NGOs and individual activists we have organised more than 50 screenings worldwide. We combine a screening with a workshop to empower grass-root organisations and provide them with the materials needed to campaign for equality and respect in their countries. All the materials (film, posters, conversation starters and instructions) are provided free of charge for NGOs.

Trailer Out & About