Storytelling and impact workshops for transgender activists

With the financial support of the Human Rights Funds from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs we organised a Storytelling and Impact program for trans activists. The program ran from October 2019 -December 2021 and aimed to promote the social acceptance of transgender people. 

In every country, transgender people have their own struggles. In the documentary m/f/x by filmmaker Koen Suidgeest we meet a transgender woman in Honduras, a transgender man in Vietnam and a transgender non-binary person in the Netherlands. Through their touching personal stories, filmed up close, the film changes in a positive movement towards openness, inclusiveness, dignity and recognition.

Trailer m/f/x

The workshops focussed on using the film m/f/x to train activists to promote social acceptance of people who are transgender and train the participants in storytelling and impact strategies. The participants got the tools to set up their own programs in their work area/community that will foster greater social acceptance of transgender people.

Update March 2021
We have completed our workshops in five countries in Central America: Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and in South-East Asia in Vietnam. Due to the Covid pandemic we could only work physcially in Guatemala and Costa Rica. The workshops in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras took place online and in Vietnam we managed to find a hybrid formulia. Grateful for all those involved who made it possible to work together under these difficult circumstances.

Update November 2021
In yet another format we were able to work with participants in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. We used pre-recorded and subtitled modules to work with the activists and students. 

Update March 2022
In Trans Visibility Week ending in Trans Visibility Day (31st of March) we will, in cooperation with The Netherlands Embassy in Costa Rica and Hivos, present a magazine, a webpage and a video clip inspired by the work of the Central American participants of our workshops.