The Long Haul

The Long Haul addresses the current backlash on human rights and how best to respond. Through a worldwide outreach of screenings, The Long Haul seeks to foster debate on the current backlash and to create a space to think, reflect and strategise on our future.

When Professor Sir Nigel Rodley passed away on 25 January 2017 tributes from all over the world poured in telling incredible stories of how he inspired many, contributed to the legal human rights framework and simply dedicated his life to human rights. Filmmaker Victor Fokke and HRP director Nadja Houben were fortunate enough to have had the chance to interview Sir Nigel extensively in 2014. They decided this was the moment to turn this interview into a documentary to pay tribute to Nigel Rodley. A crowd funding was started and on 12 February 2019, The Long Haul saw its premiere at the University of Essex in The United Kingdom.

The film by Victor Fokke was produced by Human Rights in the Picture, with the support of the University of Essex, the International Bar Association, the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights and many private donors and NGOs worldwide.

Trailer The Long Haul


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