The Long Haul

More than 25 renowned experts elaborate over the current backlash on human rights and how to respond. The film stimulates and triggers debate on the future of human rights as well as the movement’s history, impact, and legal framework. It investigates strategies to protect current standards and institutions but also how to move forward and adapt to new realities. Pressure, persuasion, patience…

This film we are currently producing is inspired by the life and work of Nigel Rodley. After his passing away in January 2017 social media exploded with expressions of sorrow and gratitude. We had interviewed Sir Nigel not so long before his death and we decided to make a film about him.

After having interviewed those closest to him we decided that the best tribute was a film that would inspire others to build on the legacy he left behind. We aim at finishing the film by the end of November and will dedicade 2019 to a campaign on the future of human rights by organising screenings and debate world wide at universities, at the UN, at NGO meetings and other relevant gatherings.

The crowd funding campaign is still ongoing. For more information please visit the website: