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The foundation

At Human Rights in the Picture we aim to inspire people to stand up for their rights and the rights of others. It is our mission to contribute to a more just and equal world.

Our tool is art. We use visual storytelling to generate change. We shine a light on human rights violations, injustice and inequality by giving people a voice through film, music, photography and other forms of art. In addition, we connect activists and artists to work together for a better, more equal and free world. We teach, we learn and we reach out. Our organization believes that by doing so we can effectively promote and improve respect for human rights.

Working from The Hague and Brussels the small team is strengthened by a hub of filmmakers, visual artists, photographers, translators, editors, educators, human rights defenders, lawyers, NGOs, diplomats, and students. They share their talents with us and together we use art to make this world a better place.

In order to get an idea of our work, you can browse through the website, visit our social media platforms, or reach out to us by email or phone.



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Storytelling for change

Animation by Udo Prinsen